Birds, Mammals, Trees or Trails? - Cast your Vote for Conservation!

Birds, Mammals, Trees or Trails? - Cast your Vote for Conservation!

The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) is looking for your help in selecting three conservation projects to receive funding from them in 2013!

Each year, various conservation bodies apply to EOCA for funding. The funding requests are for specific projects which seek to conserve a threatened species or habitat, and which has a link to the outdoor user. This year, 55 applications for funding were received by EOCA, who have now produced a shortlist of the best. This shortlist is being presented to the public this month - both on the association’s website and in seven magazines across Europe - and everyone is being asked to vote for the projects they think are the most deserving. The projects have been put into 3 categories – Alpine projects, Outdoor Projects and Nature Projects, depending on their focus. The project with the highest number of votes in each category will receive funding of up to €30,000 from EOCA.

EOCA funding for conservation comes from its 94 members, all part of the European outdoor industry. Each member pays a membership fee, 100% of which is spent on conservation. In just 6 years, this group of forward-thinking companies have together funded 46 projects in 27 different countries to the tune of over €1 million. 

For more information on the projects in each category, go check out their website, where you will be able to vote once the polling begins.

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