Caring for your Kit: Part 1 - Introduction

Caring for your Kit: Part 1 - Introduction

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how amazing your outdoors gear really is. It’s packed full of technical features that keep the rain out, and your body heat in. It provides shelter during the night, and protection throughout the day. It even cushions your body from the rugged environments you pass through. Whether you’re a relaxed rambler or an intrepid explorer, your kit suffers so that you don’t have to.

As excellent as your kit is, however, it does need maintaining. With dirt, dust, and constant wear working to reduce the effectiveness of your gear, it’s important to get into the habit of cleaning and reproofing it regularly (by reproofing we mean restoring the water-repellent properties of an item). A properly cared for kit doesn’t just look better; it’ll work better and last longer too. Unfortunately, sticking your expensive outdoors gear into the washing machine won’t cut it – it needs a much gentler touch.

That’s where Granger’s comes in. We’ve been caring for outdoors clothing and equipment for the past 77 years, and we’ve picked up a thing or two along the way. Rather than taking a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality to cleaning, we know that your garments and gear require more specialised products and care. Whether you’ve got boots or a jacket, a sleeping bag or a tent, Granger’s products can restore all your equipment to its original performance – which means no more soggy socks, and no more leaky tents.

So, if your walking boots are looking a little worse for wear or your waterproof jacket is leaving you damp, worry not and read on. Over the next few weeks we’ll be giving you tips to keep your super-kit working better than ever. 

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