Caring for your Kit: Part 4 - Tents

Caring for your Kit: Part 4 - Tents

TentsClean: after use – Reproof: 4-6 months

Whether you’re out camping in the wilderness, or you’re spending the night in your garden with the kids, your tent truly is a home away from home. It isn’t just somewhere to keep your gear whilst you’re out adventuring – it’s a little cocoon of comfort that keeps the rain, creepy crawlies, and the dark of night at bay.

For most people, caring for their tent is more about repairing zips, seams, and rips than it is cleaning and reproofing. Whilst that’s important, regularly cleaning and reapplying a water-repellent finish is essential if you’re to keep your tent working as it should. Contaminants such as smoke, tree sap, and even pollen will all affect the water-resistance of your tent. Even repeated exposure to rain will decrease your tent’s ability to shed water effectively. Drier weather will do your tent no favours either – prolonged exposure to UV light can seriously damage even the sturdiest of fabrics.

With all that in mind, it’s clear that regularly cleaning your tent is the best way to keep it working effectively. Fortunately, with Fabsil Universal Cleaner, and Fabsil Universal Protector, your tent can easily be restored to repel all but the heaviest of downpours.

  • Begin by using a soft, dry brush to remove any large clumps of mud or dirt from your tent.
  • Dilute Fabsil Universal Cleaner in some water, before washing the tent with it. We find using a soft sponge or cloth works best.
  • Rinse off your tent to remove any traces of dirt that remain, and to wash off the cleaner.
  • Leave the tent to dry naturally before packing it away,

Whilst you should aim to wash your tent (or at least spot-clean it) after every use, you won’t need to reproof it that often. Rather, you should be aiming to reproof your tent 2 to 3 times every year – depending on how often you use it. We recommend using Fabsil Universal Protector for this – not only will it reproof your tent, it’ll also protect it from UV rays. Fabsil even acts as a mild mould and mildew inhibitor, which is perfect if you’re camping somewhere damp!

  • Using Fabsil Universal Protector, paint the solution on to the tent using long, even strokes. Alternatively, you can use Fabsil Universal Protector Aerosol – just ensure that the fabric has an even coverage of the treatment.
  • As a rough guide, 1 litre of Fabsil will cover a lightweight 2-person tent.
  • Once you’re done, leave the tent to dry completely before packing it away.

However you care for your tent, it’s essential to make sure it’s completely dry before storing it! Do that – and follow our tips – and your tent should survive even the harshest of expeditions!

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