Caring for your Kit: Part 5 - Rucksacks and Bags

Caring for your Kit: Part 5 - Rucksacks and Bags

Rucksacks | Clean: 1-2 months – Reproof: 4-6 months

It’s all too easy to overlook your rucksack when the time comes to clean your outdoors gear. Your jacket, boots, and waterproofs might all see more wear – and get dirtier to prove it – but your rucksack is essential for keeping everything dry whilst you’re out exploring.

Since it’ll spend most of it’s time riding behind you, your rucksack is probably the last thing you’ll be thinking about whilst you’re out adventuring – until it starts raining at least. Dust, dirt, and even sweat will all negatively impact your bag’s ability to repel water. Without proper cleaning, that means that your clothes, food, and other supplies might end up resembling a rather unappetising soup by the end of the day. Even if your rucksack doesn’t let in water, the wetter outer fabrics will make your burden heavier – and will provide a haven for bacteria to grow.

Fortunately, cleaning and reproofing your bag is simple – and Granger’s range of aftercare products can help. Ideally, you should spot clean any dirty areas of your bag after every trip using Granger’s Gear Cleaner – this will help maintain the water-repellent finish found on most specialist rucksacks. Every month or so – or more often if you’ve been using your rucksack fairly heavily – we recommend giving your entire bag the once over. Make sure your clean all straps and zips too!

With your bag now clean, reapplying a water-repellent finish is easy. Simply apply an even layer of Fabsil Universal Protector Aerosol to your rucksack, and allow it to dry fully. This might take around 2 to 3 hours, depending on the size of your bag.  You shouldn’t need to reproof your rucksack every time you wash it, of course – a great way to tell if you need to reproof your bag (or any part of your kit) is if water droplets soak in rather than beading off.

With a lighter, cleaner, and drier rucksack, you can be sure that your spare socks and matches will stay safe for the entirety of your trip!

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