Exploring Sports: Mountain Biking…

Exploring Sports: Mountain Biking…

Whether you’re interested in exploring the thousands of off-road routes stretching out across the UK, you’re seeking downhill thrills during a cross-country race, or you simply want to start training for a charity fun-ride, mountain biking is a sport that has something to offer everybody.

Who can take part?

Mountain bikers come in all shapes and sizes – and ages. Lighter riders with good levels of endurance might fare better when going cross-country, whilst downhill racing favours those more powerfully built. If you’re not interested in racing or competing, there are hundreds of centres across the country that cater for a wide range of riders – with different trails depending on your experience.

Where can I take part?

While mountain biking can take place anywhere there’s enough space to ride a bike, certain events typically take place in particular areas.

Cross-country races and rides, for example, often use parkland, woodland, or forests – the land there often incorporates both climbs and descents, and there’s always plenty of obstacles to avoid!

Downhill courses are often shorter courses, taking place on terrain that’s incredibly steep. These courses will sometimes feature rocks, roots, and jumps for riders to avoid and navigate.

Finally, recreational mountain biking – non-competitive rides purely for fun – can take place anywhere. For those looking for a quick fix, there are mountain bike centres with guided routes, cafes and shops, whilst more adventurous types can set off across the bridleways and trails to explore a more untouched (and unspoiled) Britain.

How can I take care of my kit?

Looking after your mountain biking gear can seem like a huge task – especially with how mucky and muddy riding can get you! Fortunately, Granger's has a range of products designed to keep you clean and dry wherever you’re riding, whether it’s competitively down mountains, or leisurely across pastures. Find out more by exploring the links and products on the right side of this page.

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