Fix your tent with Fabsil!

Fix your tent with Fabsil!

With summer 2015 progressing in a particularly stereotypical manner – which is to say it’s rained far more frequently than it's been fine – keeping dry whilst camping is no easy feat…

Whether you’re a regular outdoor adventurer, or you’re more casual with your camping, your tent is a little cocoon of comfort that doesn’t just keep you dry – it keeps out the cold, various creepy crawlies, and the dark of night. Unfortunately, over time, and with repeated use, your tent won’t perform as well as it should – and nothing takes the fun out of camping like a leaking tent!

That’s where we come in. Fabsil Universal Protector Liquid is the perfect way to prepare a tent for your outdoor exploits – whether you’re at a festival, camping out in the wilderness, or spending a night in the garden with the kids.

One person who knows better than most how potent Fabsil can be is Richard – a long-time Fabsil fan. He took to our Live Chat system to ask if Fabsil could help repair his 8-man tent:

"Nothing takes the fun out of camping like a leaking tent" how very true,

Just got soaked at a festival, it really 'dampened' our spirits!!

After we pointed Richard in the right direction (our 5 Litre Fabsil Universal Protector Liquid should easily bring his 8-man tent back to its best!), he revealed he was no stranger to Fabsil:

OK, better to be safe than sorry, cheaper than a new tent. We used to use Fabsil in the RAF to re-proof our Force 10 tents, everything just gets binned after a season now!!

[W]e used to use it on bloomin' everything on Mountain Rescue.

With Fabsil, Richard’s tent will definitely keep him – and his gear – dry next time!

If you’ve got a tent that just isn’t performing as it should, feel free to contact us too: you can email us at [email protected], talk to us directly via our Live Chat system, or find us on Facebook and Twitter!

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