Get ready for winter with Granger’s!

Get ready for winter with Granger’s!

With wintry weather already upon us, it’s definitely time to get your winter clothing out of storage and ready for the season’s adventures. And, whether that means dusting off an old down-filled gilet, sprucing up some long-neglected walking boots, or waterproofing your favourite jacket, we’ve got you covered.

Here at Granger’s, we’ve been caring for your outdoors gear for over 75 years now – which means that we’ve had the experience of guiding our customers through 75 cold British winters! So, whether you need to know more about our range of waterproofing treatments, our boot waxes and conditioners, or our odour-eliminating sprays, read on. We’ll give you our top tips and recommendations for ensuring your outdoor gear is ready for whatever the season brings. 

Caring for your footwear…

With more rainfall all but guaranteed during the winter – plus the additional threat of frost, snow, and ice to deal with – your walking boots are likely to need some serious attention. Thankfully, there are a number of products that can help:

  • Granger’s Gear Cleaner is the best way to spruce up the surface of your boots if they’ve become dirty or stained. Begin by brushing off any loose dirt, mud, or snow, before spraying Gear Cleaner on to the surface of your shoes. Wipe your freshly cleaned footwear with a clean cloth, before finally allowing them to dry.
  • Granger’s Leather Conditioner, and G-Wax are both perfect for waterproofing your leather boots and shoes, while also preventing them from drying out. Simply rub either product into your boots with a clean cloth – we recommend using waxing and conditioning your boots after every use, but realistically once a week is fine.
  • Granger’s Footwear Repel is a spray-on waterproofing treatment that’ll help your fabric footwear repel even the harshest winter rains. Simply spray on to your shows whenever you notice water no longer beading away. As a rule of thumb, expect to reproof your footwear every few weeks if you’re out and about a lot!

Looking after your clothing…

While waterproof jackets are year-round necessities in Britain, it’s especially important to ensure they’re at their best during the winter. The drop in temperatures, coupled with an increased chance of rain means that even the hardiest jacket will need a little TLC:

  • Granger’s Performance Wash is easily the best way to get your clothing looking – and smelling – it’s best. It’s a gentle detergent-based cleaner that’ll remove muck, dirt, and dust from your clothing without affecting any technical features (or waterproofing treatments) it might have. Simply replace your regular laundry detergent for a capful with every wash. For things that can’t be popped into the washing machine, Granger’s Gear Cleaner does the same job and comes in a handy spray-on bottle!
  • Granger’s Down Wash is a wash-in cleaner specially designed to clean all down-filled products, including jackets, gilets, and sleeping bags. While we advise washing down sparingly, using Down Wash – and tumble-drying thoroughly after washing – is by far the safest way to do so.
  • Granger’s Clothing Wash and Repel is a great way to clean and waterproof your product in a single wash cycle. It’s easy to use, and works well with all outdoor garments – including eVent and Gore-Tex® lined jackets. Simply replaces your regular laundry detergent with two capfuls or Wash and Repel, and wash as normal. After washing, tumble-drying is required to activate the waterproofing treatment.
  • Granger’s Performance Repel and Xtreme Repel have been designed to offer the same excellent water-repellency offered by our wash-in waterproofing treatments, but in a simple spray-on solution. Best applied to clean garments, both products are quick and easy to apply. And, while Xtreme Repel requires heat activation, Performance Repel can be left to dry naturally!

There are all manner of other products and services we can offer, including insoles, odour eliminators, and tent waterproofing. For more details, read our garment care guide, or visit our product pages. All orders over £5 receive free shipping if you buy directly from us!

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