Granger’s – working with your kit…

Granger’s – working with your kit…

Reading reviews and shopping around are both super-important when you’re choosing your next waterproof jacket. After all, you need something that looks great and performs well, whether you’re an expert explorer or you simply want to stay dry while you walk the dog.

Unfortunately, even the most flattering reviews and recommendations won’t mention that all waterproof gear needs maintaining. While your new jacket will keep you dry for a few months, the water-repellent coating that causes water to bead up and drip away is unlikely to last much longer than that. Dust, dirt, and even sweat will all coat your jacket, allowing water to build up rather than running off, whilst everyday wear will rub away the water-repellent treatment until nothing is left.

That’s where we come in to the picture. Granger’s range of cleaning products and waterproofing treatments have all been specifically designed to keep your outdoors gear working at its best – and to restore the original performance of garments that might be a little more neglected. Our Performance Wash, for instance, cleans away the dirt and dust mentioned earlier, without replacing it with the perfumes and optical brighteners that regular household detergents litter your clothing with. If you’re more interested in restoring the water-repellent finish you bought your jacket for, Clothing Repel, Performance Repel, and Xtreme Repel all offer durable waterproofing for almost every garment you can think of.

Our products aren’t just great for restoring the water-repellency of your kit either – they’ll also restore the breathability of your jackets, boots, or whatever else you might have. A jacket that breathes prevents the sweaty, clammy feeling that you might experience whenever you’re out hiking, climbing, or strolling to the shops. And, put bluntly, without both breathability and the ability to repel water, there's not much point in buying an expensive jacket..

In fact, unless you're maintaining your jacket with a products like Granger’s, you may as well be wearing a bin bag.

Granger’s range of waterproofing products and cleaner work with your kit, so that your kit keeps working. You can purchase our full range direct from us, or find our products in selected High Street stores. 

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