Make getting outdoors your New Years Resolution…

Make getting outdoors your New Years Resolution…

Now that the excitement of Christmas and New Years Eve has worn off, it’s time to start making some new years resolutions. Before you go ahead and make January 2016 another month of dieting, new gym memberships, and digging in cupboards for dusty sportswear, however, we think you should definitely make one of your resolutions a little outdoorsy…

Obviously, here at Granger’s we’re huge fans of being outdoors – in the past we’ve shared our favourite walking destinations, explored some great ways to keep warm and dry while out adventuring, and have offered up some top tips for walking in wet, wintry weather. For the New Year, however, we wanted to share some Granger’s-themed New Years Resolutions with you – to hopefully inspire you to pull on your jacket and get you outdoors! Of course, even if you’ve already settled on your resolutions, read on – there might be something in here that’ll change your mind.

I want to keep my jacket looking as good as new!

You’re sure to have noticed how, after repeated washing and wear, your jacket doesn’t look quite as good as it used to. It makes sense too – during wear your jacket traps dirt, dust, and sweat in its fibres, and over time this adds up. Unfortunately, washing your jacket doesn’t help either – regular soap powder leaves a fine residue that just adds to the problem…

Fortunately, washing your jacket with Granger’s Performance Wash can help. Performance Wash removes all of the dust, dirt, and muck from your clothing without removing the water-repellent properties your jacket might have. In essence, your clothing won’t just look better, it’ll perform better too!

I want to go on walks more often – even if it’s raining!

Walking in the countryside is great. It’s good exercise, you get to explore some amazing locations, and your dog will absolutely love it. That said, we know all too well that sometimes it’s just too rainy to justify a long rambling walk, no matter how much you want to get outside.

With Granger’s Clothing Repel, however, you can transform your jacket into a water-repelling wonder. Clothing Repel adds an invisible waterproof covering to your coat and jacket, transforming a leaky, patchy jacket into something that actively repels water – meaning you’ll be strolling through storms in next to no time!

I want to take better care of my rucksack and other equipment.

It isn’t just your jacket and boots that get dirty while you’re out and about – rucksacks, gloves, hats, and almost everything else you’re wearing will also end up covered in a fine layer of muck. Of course, cleaning your jacket is easy with Granger’s Performance Wash, but what about things that can’t go in the washing machine?

Enter Granger’s Gear Cleaner. Based on the same formulation as Performance Wash, Gear Cleaner is a spray-on solution designed to clean all fabrics and materials that can’t be machine washed. Not only will cleaner gear look better, it’ll also work better – meaning you’ll stay warmer and drier to boot.

I want to stop my feet getting wet…

One of the more popular requests we get at Granger’s is something to stop rain, puddles, and all other kinds of water from seeping into our customers’ shoes. Even if you’re wearing the most rugged walking boots you can find, heavy rain can leave them – and your socks – decidedly waterlogged.

Luckily, during our 78 years of being in business, we’ve developed a wide range of products to help nourish, condition, and – yes – waterproof your shoes. Granger’s Footwear Repel, for example, adds an invisible layer of waterproofing to shoes and boots of any colour, material, or design.

I want my gear to smell fresh whenever I wear it…

Sometimes, outdoors kit needs to be freshened up a little before you can use it – whether it’s your jacket, your boots, or your sleeping bag. And, naturally, it isn’t always possible, or practical, to properly clean things with our Performance Wash and Gear Cleaner products.

That’s where Granger’s Odour Eliminator truly shines. It’s great for those times where you need to quickly refresh your kit, your clothing, or your boots, or as a quick deodoriser between washes. It’s safe to use on anything from carpets to curtains, too – a truly effective all-rounder!

Whatever resolutions you’ve made, we hope you still find time to get outside whenever possible – and that you have a prosperous and peaceful 2016!

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