Put Your Best Foot Forward With Granger’s!

Put Your Best Foot Forward With Granger’s!

You don’t need to conquer far-off mountains or run marathons every weekend to put your shoes through their paces. Even less intense hobbies will take their toll on your boots and shoes over time. Besides, even if you’re not scaling Everest on a weekly basis, your boots and shoes will still get older and dirtier – and once they do, their performance will start slipping.

That’s where Granger’s comes in. Rather than throwing your technical footwear into the washing machine – please don’t do this! – simply using Granger’s products can help you keep your footwear working like it should. Our range includes laces, insoles, cleaners, and waterproofers – and each is designed to restore the original performance and look of your shoes without damaging the specialist features you bought them for. In fact, whatever footwear you favour, you can be sure that Granger’s will bring great performance, and unrivalled performance, wherever you end up exploring…

Granger’s Gear Cleaner: Designed to clean and remove odours without attacking the water-repellent finish found on your shoes, Gear Cleaner is based on a gentle detergent formulation that’s perfect for removing patches of dirt from all kinds of clothing and shoes. Suitable for use on fabric, leather, and suede, you’ve no longer an excuse to leave your footwear looking filthy!

Granger’s Footwear Repel: Soggy socks ruining your outdoors adventures? Footwear Repel is the solution! An easy-to use spray that’s suitable for leather, nubuck, suede and fabric, Footwear Repel applies a water- and stain-resistant finish to all kinds of footwear. Based on fluorocarbon-free technology, this is an environmentally-responsible way to keep your footwear – and your feet – completely dry!

G-Wax/Paste Wax: Formulated specifically for full-grain leather boots, both G-Wax and Paste Wax are made with natural beeswax. G-Wax is a harder wax that offers good levels of water-resistance and conditioning, with increased breathability. Paste Wax, on the other hand, is perfect in conditions where higher levels of water-resistance are preferred over breathability. Both products will condition your leather, though, whilst protecting it from water, oil, and stains. 

Leather Conditioner: Another product designed for full-grain leather boots, Granger’s Leather Conditioner offers maximum levels of nourishment and breathability. Useful on both wet and dry leather – making it ideal to use when you’re out and about, Leather Conditioner will waterproof, condition, and protect your leather from oils and stains.

Odour Eliminator: The ultimate odour destroyer, Granger’s Odour Eliminator traps and removes the sources of odours rather than simply masking them. A simple spray-on solution that’s incredibly easy-to-use, Odour Eliminator is suitable for all types of footwear, including fabric, leather, and suede.

Laces and Insoles: Finally, even the cleanest, most cared-for shoe will eventually need new laces or a fresh insole. Granger’s laces are made from 80-100% recycled materials, and are available in a range of lengths and colours. Our insoles, meanwhile, offer enhanced comfort and technologies, including moisture-wicking capabilities and memory foam bases. An insole is only really designed to last for around 18 months – replacing them with Granger’s will extend the lifetime, and the comfort level, of your favourite pair of boots.

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