‘Putting something back’ with EOCA.

‘Putting something back’ with EOCA.

Founded in June 2006, the European Outdoor Conservation Association (or EOCA) was created with a single goal – to encourage the Outdoor Industry to ‘collectively “put something back”’ into the environment. 

With many outdoors companies already contributing to, and being supportive of, environmental concerns across the European Union, EOCA realised that by ‘harnessing the collective power’ of the entire outdoor industry, larger pools of money could be poured directly into grassroots projects. Hoping to offer significant contributions to the conservation of wild places and ecosystems, EOCA boasts some formidable stats:

  • EOCA is made of over 120 members, each of which raises funds to promote care and respect for wild places.
  • Grants of up to €30,000 have been awarded to various projects, including missions to protect brown bears in northern Spain, replanting forests in the Czech Republic, and creating a hiking trail in Macedonia and Albania.
  • To date, more than 64 projects have been funded in 36 countries around the world – from Sweden, to Ireland, and Kyrgyzstan to Nepal.
  • In the eight years that EOCA have been operating, they’ve ensured that 100% of their membership fees have gone directly to conservation projects – a total of over €1.54 billion!

Here at Granger’s, we’re thrilled to be contributing to the important projects that EOCA continues to complete. If you’re interested in the projects that EOCA are currently supporting, please visit them online at: www.outdoorconservation.eu - where you can discover their history, explore the work they’ve already completed, and even donate to help support their continuing efforts.

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