G30 Stability Winter

A thermal version of our popular insole, for improved protection and comfort during winter.

  • Fleece top sheet.
  • Aluminium sheet to trap warmth.
  • Contoured profile for increased support.

Grangers G30 Stability Winter insoles have been designed to offer increased protection, support, and comfort in colder weather and climates.

Based upon a robust memory foam core, a fleece top sheet to trap warmth, and a layer of aluminium for extra protection from the cold, these insoles are the ideal way to add increased comfort and stability to all hiking, climbing, running, and technical footwear. Increased levels of protection are provided by the memory foam latex footbed, which is structured to absorb any shocks, while a contoured shape supports the arch and heel of your foot.

With under-heel cushioning, and a flattened toe area to reduce pressure while maintaining support, Grangers G30 Stability Winter insoles are ideal for day-to-day comfort, support, and protection – especially during the colder months of the year!

Great For

Walking / Treking

Grangers G30 Stability Winter insoles are designed to fit into any shoe, and structured for unparalleled support.

Construction information:

  • Weight: 112g (for one pair of size 40 insoles).
  • Fleece upper.
  • EVA footbed.
  • Memory foam core.
  • Aluminium base for added insulation.

For more information on this product, please email [email protected].


How it Works

This insole adapts the flat midsole of your footwear to the shape of your foot – providing support, protection, and comfort with every step. 

How it fits

A contoured profile helps the insole fit into all types of medium-to-high volume footwear, including running shoes, work boots, or casual footwear.

  • 1 Fleece top sheet.
  • 2 Contoured footbed for increased support.
  • 3 Memory foam latex for comfort and shock protection.
  • 4 Aluminium base.