The best kept secret of the outdoor world!

The best kept secret of the outdoor world!

We've been around for 80 years, and have a range of products to solve every problem - so read on to discover why your outdoor kit needs to be treated with Grangers!

In order to keep you warm, safe, and dry, your outdoor gear needs to be regularly maintained. Simply put, the mud, dust, and dirt you’re trekking through impairs the technical features of your kit and reduces its performance. Over time, this leaves your gear dirty, unable to repel water, and uncomfortable to wear.

So which products do you use to clean and reproof your garments and gear?

Before you answer, did you know that for nearly 80 years Granger’s have been world-leaders in the production of cleaning and waterproofing products? While other garment care companies have focused on shouting over one another to promote their products, we’ve focused on making sure our products are unrivalled in their effectiveness – and it shows.

Which of our competitors can say that they’ve helped to clean and reproof gear for the British Military of Defence, Everest explorers, Antarctic adventurers – and countless others? We can. We’ve refined our products by listening to the feedback from the very best, and can restore your garments to their original levels of performance by replacing the water-resistant finish applied to it during manufacture.

That means no more getting dirty or wet while walking, and no more cracked leather boots…

If you’re already cleaning and reproofing your garments with another range of products, or if you’re new to the idea of maintaining your outdoors kit, here are 10 facts that set Granger’s apart from the competition – and prove that we’re the best choice for your kit:

  1. We regularly test our products – both internally and externally – to make sure that they deliver the best possible levels of performance. A recent test conducted by SATRA, for example, demonstrated that Grangers Clothing Repel was more effective at repelling water than a leading competitor.
  2. Unlike other garment care manufacturers, we pride ourselves on the simplicity of our range. Whether you want to waterproof down, fleece, and cotton, or your gloves, your jackets, and your soft shells, our proofers are one-size-fits-all. Simply spray on (or wash-in), and you’ll be safe from the elements in no time!
  3. Our waterproofing products, such as Granger’s Clothing Repel, help to maintain the breathability of your waterproof garments. Breathability measures the amount of water vapour that is able to get through the material of your garments and into the air – reducing the clammy, wet sensation some garments produce with wear.

    Picture yourself making a pot of coffee. The aim is to allow water to pass through the filter in order to produce coffee, while also stopping the coffee grinds from passing through into the pot. Ideally you want to use as little coffee as possible to ensure the maximum amount of water passes through, but that leaves your coffee weak and unenjoyable. On the other hand, using too much coffee prevents the water from dripping through at all… Essentially, you need to have the right amount of coffee to get a rich flavour without restricting the flow of water.

    And how does this relate to waterproof jackets?

    Well, ideally, you want water vapour to pass through the material of your waterproof jacket so that you don’t end up all clammy and sweaty while wearing it. At the same time though, you also want to keep water out if It should rain. Adding a water-repellent finish to your coat will keep you dry but it can also reduce the breathability of your jacket… just like the excess coffee!

    Fortunately, we’ve developed a unique waterproofing solution that minimises this. That means we can deliver great water-repellency without having to sacrifice your comfort.
  4. All of our products are effective when they’re left to dry naturally, as well as when they’re tumble dried. While most outdoor jackets and garments are perfectly happy being tumble-dried, having the option of air drying means that your jacket will be ready to repel water whatever the care label says!
  5. Our unique waterproofing formulation – based on an Acrylic Polymer Technology – offers the same level of performance as the water-resistant finish applied by clothing manufacturers in the factory. As a result, it’s a firm favourite with serious outdoor enthusiasts – and it comes highly recommended by garment manufacturing leaders such as Patagonia.

  6. Pressed for time, but need to clean and reproof all of your outdoor garments? Granger’s Clothing Wash + Repel is a unique product that can revitalise and restore your jacket in a single wash cycle. Unlike anything else on the market, and formulated to work at 30°C/86°F, Clothing Wash + Repel can have your jacket ready to wear in as little as 60 minutes!
  7. Did you know that all of our garment care products are water-based? Granger’s was actually the first garment care company to produce water-based aftercare products, and paved the way for others to do the same.
  8. As well as being the first garment care company to produce water-based products, we were also the first to achieve bluesign® accreditation – an independent certification that demonstrates our commitment to being environmentally-responsible. We’re very proud of our ISO 14001 environmental accreditation too!
  9. All of our cleaning and waterproofing products are formulated and manufactured in the United Kingdom. We’ve spent around 80 years keeping you protected from the elements – far longer than anybody else, and all while surviving some very wet British weather.
  10. Our range of products include cleaners and proofers that work great with all waterproof, breathable, and down technologies. In fact, DownTek – leading producers of hydrophobic and quick-drying down technology in the United States – conducted an independent test with the International Down and Feather Testing Lab that concluded that Granger’s Down Wash was the superior product when it came to maintaining water-repellency in a like-new condition through multiple washings.

The bottom line is; if you can wear it you can treat it with Granger’s! Why not browse our range now?